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Reported 2pm April 10th: Support Tab

Support Tickets: Not Working

Status: FIXED 23:00 10APRIL2020

Problem: Some browsers show only buffering
Temp Fix: try different browsers/devices

Solution: there is a bug and it is being worked on

time: 14:00 10APRIL2020

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We are very confident with the usability of our website. We have invested heavily into making sure it works perfectly. However, we are realistic and know there are a lot of device, browser and operating system combinations that our audience uses. The combinations sometimes produce an error. If you find any errors on our site please tell us. We will fix it as soon as we can replicate it and send you a reply with the fix

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback here, Darn Good Tech Support.
Our goal is to recreate the same problem you had with the same device, browser and page. Once we do that, we'll fix it. - Thank you for your help here - it is VERY much appreciated!
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